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Define Your Beliefs, Shift Your Thoughts, Change Your Consciousness
~The Shift That Matters~

As a Belief Modification Coach my goal is to align your conscious thought patterns with your subconscious programming and beliefs. My hope is to transform your life so your days are  brighter and happier by delivering tools you can use in our sessions and in your daily life to think differently about your past & live consciously in the now.

I coined the term lovepreneur because like you, I wasn’t always happy with all of me. And so I consciously make the effort to live in a loving state – LIKE IT’S MY JOB!

I’m here so you can BE YOUR BEST YOU. To serve as a guide as you release the heaviness in which you feel about situations.

It’s more than a smiling face and positive affirmations. It is about re-coding your subconscious beliefs and inherent programming.

Feeling your best and brightest means acceptance of all parts of you – even the parts living in darkness… the parts which were passed down generation to generation… The releasing and shifting of old patterns and limiting beliefs. When you ARE LIVING CONSCIOUSLY AND PROGRAM YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS FOR FEELING YOUR BEST ABOUT YOUR LIFE AND SITUATIONS, you will have loving connections and experiences easily, with less effort.

I was once told I am quite the mix of Albert Einstein, Walter Mitty, and Michelangelo… So a crazy comedic who creates art. Ok. Kind of.

Pretty sweet, huh?

Pretty sweet, huh?

My techniques are based in modern science; BELIEF CHANGE MODIFICATIONS. I hold space so what you wish to feel about a yourself, an event or situation is possible. The written story will always be available to you to access. Yet when we erase the negative beliefs, emotions and energy on a subconscious level, it is possible to have more energy and more positivity in your life.

I believe the witnessing of someone working to heal their thoughts as a magical creation that is Do-Able.

Born and raised in rural PA (the only state known by its initials Pe-Ay!) I’ve created a haven amongst the fast-paced modern lifestyle to escape from the day to day, change your beliefs, and find the life you envision.

Through my VLOG, BLOG, group classes, and one-one-one private sessions done with the highest level of compassion…..

I help people create a new you and share daily techniques to create a lasting shift in your life.

In fact, the biker of the Village People asked me how I found the beginning of my own shift.

My work is proof that modern life challenges us to our core and staying in a loving, growing, healthy state takes work.

I believe the need of your story to be witnessed and heard is invaluable in shifting into a new you. This includes SAFELY releasing negative beliefs of past events and memories, as well as shifting what is current and ongoing in your life.

Openly engaging with your past you and your future you.
Bringing your story to the table so YOU transform your future.

I also believe that you are your own healer and it is in personal transformation where REAL LOVE is uncovered. And everyone – from parents to children to “grown-ups” – benefits by learning techniques to release static energy.

I’m known to be a compassionate, accepting soul walking this path combining several belief change modification techniques & energy-healing modalities into one.

That’s because I care. I care about our children and I care about you. I am committed to your growth and change so you may FEEL YOUR BEST IN THIS CURRENT MOMENT. Also providing education about new, easy to learn techniques to remove energetic blocks in your body. Learn more about my studies and qualifications here.

Through my videos, podcasts, workshops and live events, you’ll learn practical tips to transform your life. Whenever I offer a new shifting moment or uncover a useful tip I think you’ll want to know about, my newsletter subscribers are the first to know. So sign up on the left to join my family.

Of course, I’m not a perfect and I will never pretend to be. I can promise you’ll see real footage and thoughts because that is what is alive and real for me.

My commitment is to always do my best with the wisdom and knowledge at hand and bring to you shifting moments so we can transform together, one energetic thought at a time.

I’m not the actress I once dreamed of or the lawyer I said I had to be – to be successful – (past belief set!) but I am a working mom who thinks the world of YOU and our children. So through imaginative play of the mind with laugher and tears I am here to walk with you on your path as you find your happy. 

Professional Bio
Stephanie’s gateway into energy healing was a Reiki class in 2007. Soon after she found Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in an effort to find a more natural healing approach to depression. She has been tapping ever since. Upon learning this modality, she dove into advanced courses and is certified in Matrix Reimpriting, with a focus on birth trauma. Stephanie has worked with clients on 4 continents and is eager to educate parents on healing modalities to use with their families.

Stephanie has an M.S. in psychology, is host/producer of ShiftingTV, a certified Matrix Reimprinting practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Reiki Master & Teacher, as well as a yoga instructor.

EFT is one of the newest holistic modalities used to relieve stress and calm down emotional impacts of negative events. EFT addresses the energetic imbalances in the pathways of the body. With its roots based in chiropractic, acupuncture, and psychiatry, this meridian-based approach to healing is just beginning to break over the horizon, clearing the way to fast, effective treatments and is often referred to as “one minute wonders”.

ABOUT MATRIX REIMPRINTINGREWRITE YOUR PAST TO TRANSFORM YOUR FUTURE Founded by Karl Dawson, an EFT master, this techniques uses emotional clearing techniques in the matrix, it’s possible to safely release previously held emotions built during a trauma. A guided healing journey, many modalities are used during a matrix session.